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The sublists are ordered such that the words in the first sublist are the most frequent words and those in the last sublist are the least frequent. In fact, because these words are so common, they are even useful to those who do not plan to go on to post-secondary study in English. The list is available on the Simple English Wiktionary. Food technology means they aren't bad these days, but they're only going to approximate the real thing. This book is ideal for self-study.

Reflecting on the match Broad outlined the problem clearly enough but was less forthcoming about the likely solution. But China is not particularly interested in sharing much of the wealth the railroad would generate. Singh showed a sample of a touchscreen panel that he said had been made at DataWind's manufacturing unit in Montreal. Another senior official, speaking anonymously because he was not authorized to release military information, said two pilots were on board. Various companies showed off tools that intervened in our physical lives.

Terminating that case without a further fight, however, would mean giving up on charging other detainees with those offenses. However, back at the other office, Mr. He says movies based on video games rarely please devoted fans and could taint the brand. Some rinks installed concrete floors to promote cooling, but others employed newer technologies.

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We are cooperating with authorities and conducting a full internal investigation. Jeffrey Hart is a Briton migrating back and forth between Canada and the United States on work visas, gaining experience in natural building. But no one has ever thought that the fountain might be located beneath a house in Maine.

Is there any rational reason to think that things will change next year? Business would still be left with record reserves, much higher than those accumulated in earlier recessions.

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Peck, though, was surprised to learn the other team nicknames used in his league, which was comprised entirely of white men. Figure Skating Championships later this month while he recovers from hip surgery. Today he earns his living in the real estate market niche known as A.

The ratings agency cited India's high saving and investment rates, relatively competitive private sector and diverse economy as rationale behind its decision. Langston explained, the emphasis is on using existing geriatricians as educators and consultants for the generalist physicians who will actually treat older patients.

Academic Word List (AWL) Highlighter

You will need to know this academic vocabulary if you want to study in an English-speaking college or university. In fact, because some of these words are very common, they are even useful to those who do not have academic goals of this kind. These academic word list exercises will help you to get to know the words, golden eye spy but you will need to work on your own as well. Word lists by frequency and number of words.

Pointing out the potential hazards posed by data brokers and the like is part of Mr. Bealefeld and others said, has inevitably depleted morale and kept the agency from developing a coherent agenda.

Yet the concepts invoked are often abstract, requiring reflection and explanation. The new military spending bill, known as the National Defense Authorization Act, was passed in both houses of Congress by wide margins. His works are often intentionally placed in unglamorous, arbitrary surroundings like abandoned buildings, far from the sleek world of urban galleries. Empty picture frames hang on exposed brick walls, blank as the mind. Let us embrace book shelves that convert to dining room tables.

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Wiktionary Academic word list - Simple English Wiktionary

Research has found, for instance, that Indian mothers tend to breast-feed boys longer than they do girls, Ms. All the vocabulary exercises on this website were created using Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher.

Mostly we were silent, concentrating on our steps, but occasionally we would chat. But even so, such controls have some benefits, public health experts say. Understanding what you are trying to learn. But the recently introduced Lisbon Treaty has widened the scope for Brussels to ask member nations to legislate on criminal matters. Her best works function like brilliant collages, creating meaning through idiosyncratic constellations of references and concepts.

Academic Word List (AWL) Highlighter

Being a United States Marine means showing no weakness, no pain, especially to your subordinates. The German government has already compensated Jews who were forced to work in the ghettos. The Electric Power Research Institute has some advice, none of it encouraging. The New York Times and other mainstream publications published hundreds of the documents Private Manning is accused of leaking. The foundation has grown, supporting visual as well as performing artists and changing its name to the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

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Players saw Smith benched two months ago because he admitted he was injured. The manually-added notes are examples for and from graduate students in various fields at the University of Michigan.

Investigators have so far not linked any historical pipeline problems to malicious cyberactivity, but software malfunctions have illustrated the potential threat. So the rewards from studying vocabulary are considerable. Use it to prep for your next quiz!

Wiktionary Academic word list - Simple English Wiktionary

Hirscher retained his lead in the overall World Cup standings. Soccer authorities have been helping those banned with getting back on their feet and finding a way back into society. Similar restrictions have been imposed by the United Kingdom, Chile and Brazil.

If you study these words, and try to use them actively, it will help you to use English vocabulary more successfully, regardless of your study discipline. Guevara said he believed the institute should stop producing films and be limited to, say, renting out sets and distributing movies. Gap-fill exercises are an excellent way to recycle vocabulary through different contexts and can be used to broaden the student's understanding of the range of meaning of vocabulary. As this season has gone on, it has become more integral in Seattle's offense. In some countries, including the largest developing economies in Asia, the G.

But soon enough, they detected something wrong, not least that Mr. The commission collected evidence that showed the authorities discussed covering up killings, including by quickly burying the bodies of victims. Options include channeling more funds to the banking sector to boost lending, buying government bonds on the secondary market and even reducing foreign currency reserves. Using the senses to acquire information.

She said she had decided to step down after consulting family members and friends. Hang gliding became safer as technology improved and training guidelines were established. While closely regulated by the Department of Environmental Conservation, New York also offers great fishing opportunities.