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Ready up your most powerful Bakugan team, claim victories, and battle your way for a chance to win a new phenomenal sidekick, the Dragonoid Colossus. There are still no facts and no answers to the questions raised by many of you.

No exceptions or preferred game times will be made. Bakugan Dimensions calls forth the most dedicated and skilled Brawlers to enter the Dragonoid Colossus Tournament! On behalf of the entire Bakugan Team, we would like to thank all of our Dimensions brawlers for logging on and battling online with us.

Welcome to Bakugan Battle Planet

Participants who make it to the playoffs must show up on time to play their scheduled match. Their strong, earthen durability gives them high defense. Travel between Earth and Neathia To travel to Neathia, walk through the starburst Portal located in the Downtown plaza. Once completed, the Live Bracket will be updated showing your new match time should you advance to the next round.

The main site of Bakugan, Bakugan. To begin playing the game, you were supplied with three default Bakugan in the attribute you choose upon setting up an account and an avatar.

Not everything in Bakugan. We look forward to the next chapter for Bakugan and we thank all of our loyal brawlers and fans who will continue to Brawl On. For scheduled match times and match-by-match live updates during the playoffs, pani thim thim gara mp3 song check out the Bakugan Dimensions Holiday Tournament Playoffs and Finals Live Bracket here. Check out these cool new in-game items for your Bakugan Dimensions avatar! The servers will be functioning as normal until this time and we hope you will continue to enjoy the online world of Dimensions until then.

Bakugan Dimensions

While the background, the Bakugan collection, the Cards, and the Gameplay have been updated with new information and pictures, it seems the Bakugan. This game has been cancelled or shut down and isn't available for play. Darkus brawlers use Gates to exhaust their enemy while building their own power base. Interspace contained a Plaza and the Stadium. The background is that of Zenthon and Dredeon I thought it was Venexus facing off each other.

Next month marks a turning point in the battle against Gundalia as the ever-powerful Dragonoid Colossus storms onto the scene. The playoffs and finals will consist of single-elimination style rounds.

If you enter a pre-released Bakugan, you will recieve BakuCoins unless SpinMaster entered the code into the system. For more details on tournament rules and structure, refer to the Dragonoid Colossus Tournament Official Rules. Players can make their own avatar, which moves around in the online world. It is a simulation of Marucho's Bakugan Interspace in the Anime.

Welcome to Bakugan Battle Planet

Participants will win the associated prize package according to how far they get into the playoff rounds. It allows players to brawl online with each other.

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Click here to go to Bakugan Dimensions. Get your bowl full of exclusive Bakugan insider information. To get to Neathia, enter Downtown and find the Portal in the Plaza. It's an excellent source of your weekly news nutrition!

The Bakugan Website was updating into the new Gundalian Invaders site, but they still did not launch Bakugan Dimensions. Please note the World Map will display only the areas of the world you are in. Sometimes when you play it takes a long time to load.

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Bakugan Dimensions

Support pieces include Mechtogan, Mechtogan T. It allowed players to brawl in a virtual environment. For more information regarding official rules, prizing, and tournament structure visit the Dragonoid Colossus Tournament Announcement here. Bakugan Dimensions mainly had the players stay in Bayview. This has changed from the previous rule of being able to play all your support pieces during battle on a Gate Card.


If you are on Earth then your World Map will show the area maps on Earth. It was a real life simulation of Marucho's Bakugan Interspace in the Anime. If you brawl and lose then you get a Special Track jacket.

The Park was mainly an area of forests. But we're hoping that Spinmaster and the Bakugan Team will clear things up by giving us answers and announcements in the very near future. To Travel to a Different Area, a player would click on the map. If you win then you get an in-game Clear Avior and the Track Jacket.

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Please note this will not log you out of Dimensions. If you are in Interspace, then your World Map will show the Interspace area maps. Haos Brawlers know the importance of a strong defense. Bakugan Dimensions mainly has the players stay in Bayview. For each round, the brawler who wins their match will proceed to the next round.

They lure their opponents in and strike hardest when they seem the weakest. Subterra Brawlers use slow, but devastating, attacks at close range. We hope you are excited about the new season of Bakugan and all that it brings - from the all new Mechtogan, Mechtogan T. Not only will the new Dragonoid Colossus create wakes in your real-life collections, but he also rips into action in your online collection.

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Aquos brawlers shape both themselves and the environment to suit the needs of the battle. There is a new movie now on the site that talks about it. To travel back to Earth, walk through the starburst Portal located in the Neathia plaza, which is the same portal that brought you to Neathia. The portal is located just west of the fountain.

Live Playoff Bracket and Match Schedules. Buy Bakugan Store Marketplace. Bakugan Dimensions Special Announcement Hey Brawlers, On behalf of the entire Bakugan Team, we would like to thank all of our Dimensions brawlers for logging on and battling online with us.