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The steps are simple enough, calibrate your scope and if necessary adjust the software using the sight offset, click value, etc. However, the software is buggy and unnecessarily complex.

Remember he was hired by Horus in the beginning to work and sell Horus methods and products, so of course they are not going to inform you of other methods. No reproduction without advanced permission in writing. After that, it will show you the calculated data in tabular form that you can analyze and print it if you want. Despite his fancy handheld ballistic computer, Reichert missed both targets. Ballistic Ballistic is a fast, highly-accurate ballistic trajectory calculator and range companion for the iPhone.

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His instructions are also much better on using his app. The base unit has large, easy to use controls, and contains a built-in printer. Resources Blog Articles Deals. When he got to the end, my spotter was able to use a laser rangefinder to determine the distance meters. PointBlank Ballistics is one of the best free ballistic calculator software for Windows.

Free Ballistic Calculator. This will work with most software to include the iPhone Apps. Calculator displays ballistic tables, graphs, comparison graph and reticle images. Software Pointers to ballistics software available on the web and elsewhere.

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That is optional if you are okay with that. If you have or know of any other software that is not listed here, please let me know. Oehlers use focused beam lenses for less diffusion, plus a longer screen-spacing for greater precision and accuracy. Nikon Spot On Nikon's web based calculator with a number of nice features. You just have to specify the input parameters and get the results on your fingertips.

Demo available for download. Features Physics, Simulations, Visualization.

In the input values, specify the drawing color, velocity, bullet weight, altitude, zero distance, temperature, etc. Rob's Reloading Organizer. This is simple and easy to use tool. And in daytime conditions, the Oehlers are not fussy. Recreational Software Inc.

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3 Best Free Ballistic Calculator Software for Windows

All this ballistic software has made me a believer. Pointers to ballistics software available on the web and elsewhere. Then, calculate actual drop. Here are some best free ballistic calculator software for Windows.

You can easily use to calculate various aspects of the projectile of a bullet like range, angle drop, elevation, energy, velocity, total drop, and some other parameters. This page is meant to be a central place for people to find what is available. If you have an interest in shooting, then you can calculate the projectiles of various bullets using the tools that I have mentioned. In the following list, I have also added and Excel sheet and a command line tool to do the same.

Regular version will allow saving multiple profiles. After getting the ballistic data, you can do whatever you want. The skyscreens are easy to set up and store compactly. Such precision is unattainable with handwritten cards or manual calculations.

And you can look for the other options on GitHub page of this tool. Do you have a GitHub project? They are simple to use, but the wide sensor spacing and dual-channel measuring process gives you very reliable results. But the program has proved acceptably accurate.

3 Free Ballistic Calculator Software for Windows

After solving that discrepancy he just kept going. Compared to an Oehler, the front and rear light sensors are placed fairly close together. You just have to input a few parameters and get the result of the trajectory.

This is a very simple software that even draws the trajectory according to the input values. These software allow you to calculate the trajectory parameters, new romantic wallpapers especially for bullets. Has a lot of features like many of the programs here.

The program can interpose three winds simultaneously, as well as consider vertical wind deflection from mountain updrafts and downdrafts. Exbal Windows based ballistics program. And if you know about some other free ballistic calculator for Windows, then do tell me. Please don't fill out this field. The combination of software and reticle make shooting multiple targets remarkably fast and impressively accurate.

3 Best Free Ballistic Calculator Software for Windows

This program uses a modified point mass trajectory and is capable of doing simulations. Norma Ballistics Java based ballistics program that provides data for hunting and match bullets. Ballistics is actually a part of mechanics that deals with the effect of projectiles.

These are the best free ballistic calculator software that I have found to be used on Windows. Ballistic is a simple command line Ballistics calculator software for Windows. Using this ballistic calculator is very simple.

You can contact them at P. The elevation and windage solution is offered as eighths, quarters or halves of one m. And mostly it is used for bullets, rockets, missiles, etc.

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Also has a program for the Palm Pilot. You can read more about it here. With conventional engineering, longer spacing normally produces more accurate and reliable results. Provided you input the right data to start, this is one of the most accurate calculators i have used.

Everything about the software demands and yields precision. When it works, the software is very powerful, but we experienced multiple connectivity issues and unexplained software crashes. For example, most shooters equate one minute of angle m. Then your future releases will be synced to SourceForge automatically.