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My friend that is why it is very important always to get a second opinion even in the medical world. This is because powers supplies run under considerable stress due to high voltages and currents involved around these circuits. Please note that by analyzing. We do not say that all other online retailers should not be contacted by you or should not be trusted at all.

Fixing white screen, rainbow screen, negative reveres, mirror image and line in picture issues. Their highly experienced faculty provides full practical and advanced training to students. Understanding and troubleshooting the Audio circuit.

So the only way to make your customers believe you are up to the challenge is by quick diagnosing of the problem and repairPeriod! Laptop Motherboard Repair. ElectronicRepair Workshop.

You can quickly check for obvious safety components to see if they have been triggered on due to fault elsewhere or not. First check for dry joints around this circuit by tapping this small board with the back of your screw driver and see if the color changes every time you tap this circuit softly. In order to understand how to solve smps problem I am going to show you how to analyze common failure mode. Hi Stan, His book is an ebook thus you will not find it in any bookstore.

Or capacitor c across the collector emitter of v c is shorted to the ground. Am I hearing exactly what you are saying? Set your meter to low ohm and test between the two pins of the speaker. All you need to do is navigate through a number of pages so that you get to learn a lot many things, crystal reporting software the e-products bag for you.

One thing I was sure about is that there was a problem with the vertical circuit. Solving power supply problems s. If the color keep on changing or you see some splashes on the screen expect dry joints around this board and therefore you should re solder it thoroughly. After replacing the two components the set came up but no color Picture was black and while with some very thin lines across the screen. Understanding and troubleshooting Color problems.

Before you analyze them first let me point out that all measurement on the secondary side of the power supply. The moment you step out of that class and join the field is when you realize that things are getting tough, the customer is not interested with your papers but. You need to contact him to get his ebook online. Also lines across the upper part of the screen.

Courses provided by the institute are vocational and skill-based so it is made sure that the students can implement their knowledge while working on site. Learn Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi. This book is written to address the above issues comprehensively as most of the materials in this course will be practical real life experiences from the technician workbench.

They are famous for their work. It was also very hot and broke into pieces.

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Plus I want to help support your efforts to bring us good books and add it to my book collection. To be specific, to me practicals is what I need most.

Learn Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

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Also to check the output voltage from the chopper transformer you have to measure Voltage at the cathode Of the secondary diode. Below I have reproduced a chart of estimated voltages at those points but may vary from set to set but not too far from the figures below. These things happen and if they have not happened to you yet please take my advice otherwise history does repeat itself. But first you need to have a rough estimate of the actual voltages expected on those test points in order to analyze the information correctly. Also white lines across the upper part of the screen.

Then suspect some problem on the vertical circuit, others may have some write line at the top or bottom part of the screen. Understanding the Horizontal circuits. Then open the set and scan around the primary power component both the top and underside and see if there is catastrophic failure on any component e. Am girmachew and I want to buy in Ethiopia. And i change the smd ic also but same problem.

We provide all classes with fully practical knowledge. These types of the television are also very common in the market and therefore I would like to highlight how to go about them when troubleshooting their power supply. Alas what is the problem now? Understanding the Secondary power supplies.

CRT Television Troubleshooting Guide

Understanding and troubleshooting the remote control The remote control circuit in television works like the transmitter and receiver in radio circuit. Do it yourself series lamp current limiter.

By Humphrey Kimathi The reader of this book is expressly warned to consider and adopt all safety precaution that might be indicated by the activities Herein and to avoid all potential hazards. Hi Godwin, Once you have paid for the ebook and have problem in downloading it then you need to contact the author. The customer complains was that the machine has intermittent picture on and off. Everything was going fine until i inserted a disc to test the drive.

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Below I have reproduced a chart of estimated voltages at those points but may vary from set to set but not. Understanding and troubleshooting the micro processor Just like computers television set have micro processor which control the functions of the Television. No worries Robert will surely accept your accidentally click.

Am from Kenya and what am humbly requesting is whether you can teach someone about electronics. Then I checked the voltage at the main capacitor and it was v dc which is okay. Drive transformer-this is basically used for impedance matching between the horizontal drive circuit and horizontal output circuit.

Hence the reason why the collector voltage was not dropping. Samsung Television dead I received a phone call from a customer who wanted me to go and check his television which has developed a problem and was not working. Hi Raphael, You can buy the ebook from the link provided at the end of that post. The book is illustrated with numerous color photos to make the reader learn faster and get the concept pretty fast.

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