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Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. She wrote the lyrics of many of her songs and collaborated with composers on the tunes. Much of her past is shrouded in mystery and may have been embellished during her time as a celebrity. Her life was the stuff of legend, starting with her dramatic rise from uneducated Paris street urchin to star of international renown.

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She moved audiences with her passionate renditions of songs about loss and love. The chanson before is preserved mostly in large manuscript collections called chansonniers. Keep Exploring Britannica Elvis Presley.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. The couple sang together in some of her last engagements. Later, she would always appear in black.

Electronic Folk International. Her international tours were consistently successful, and the devotion of her massive French following verged on worship. Piaf reportedly became blind at age three as a complication of meningitis but recovered her sight four years later. Known for intense dalliances that fizzled out, she married twice.

However, in a pattern she would repeat throughout her life, she tired of the relationship, cheated, and ended it before he could do the same. Piaf was questioned and accused as an accessory, but acquitted. Piaf was soon back in the recording studio, eager to record a composition by the legendary French songwriter Charles Dumont.

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Britannica Explores Women Trailblazers. Scandal preceded her when she toured the provinces outside Paris that summer, and she realized that she needed help in rehabilitating her career and image. Genre Vocal International. The news of her death caused a nationwide outpouring of grief, and tens of thousands of fans jammed the streets of Paris, stopping traffic to watch her funeral procession. Her Story, Her Songs Documentary.

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Piaf later separated from her father, who was often a temperamental, abusive taskmaster, and set out on her own as a street singer in and around Paris. In Piaf made her theatrical debut, and within a few years she was singing in the large music halls of Paris.

Years of alcohol abuse alongside copious amounts of medications, initially for arthritic pain and later insomnia, took their toll on Piaf's health. When her father enlisted with the French Army in to fight in World War I, he took her to his mother, who ran a brothel in Bernay, Normandy. Piaf claimed this was the result of a miraculous healing.

Auguste Hyppolyte Descamps. After the war, her fame spread quickly. Radio France Internationale Musique.

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La vie musicale sous Vichy. She helped launch the career of Charles Aznavour in the early s, taking him on tour with her in France and the United States and recording some of his songs. Marcelle died of meningitis at age two. She broke off their relationship when he had become almost as popular as she was.

Dith Piaf - IMDb

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Help us improve this article! Music relationship to Cerdan In Marcel Cerdan. Spring saw the first cooperation and a love affair with Yves Montand in the Moulin Rouge. In that time, she met up with French boxer Marcel Cerdan, an acquaintance of about a year.

History at your fingertips. Initially her material was standard music hall fare, but eventually she had songwriters such as Marguerite Monnot and Michel Emer writing songs specifically for her. Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Georgievna Karachkina named a small planet, Piaf, in her honor. In the sack, they can't cheat! Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox.

Edith Piaf is almost universally regarded as France's greatest popular singer. When one thinks of Edith Piaf, one thinks of love, sorrow and music. Edith Piaf poses for a studio portrait in in France. Piaf, living through the hurts and abandonments of her early life, had high-profile romances with many of her male associates and some of the biggest celebrities in France. Despite numerous biographies, tvhome media 4 much of Piaf's life is unknown.

The name inscribed at the foot of the tombstone is Famille Gassion-Piaf. She resisted his suggestions, until she became pregnant and worked for a short while making wreaths in a factory. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. She continues to be revered as a national treasure. Introspection Late Night Partying.