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It also features a variety of playable characters which have unique abilities that can help the player throughout the game. Lego Island is a nonlinear game with a first-person perspective.

Screenshots from MobyGames. The Brickster's Revenge was released as an indirect sequel to the game.

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While there is no necessary objective toLego Island, a special mission will occur if the player has built the helicopter and is playing as Pepper. The game is bursting with personality and charm.

The player can also build different vehicles and customize colors and textures. The power brick is returned to top of the Information Center, and everyone celebrates Pepper's success. She is quite motherly, but has poor eyesight. You do get the chance to build a few vehicles, but Lego Island is more about exploration than creation.

As the player, you have the choice of playing as any one of these five characters. Play Now Download the full version. Just one click to download at full speed! You start your adventure in the Lego Island Information Center.

It might not be a perfect game, but it's an honest one. So I'm running the game fine. He was voiced by Fred Raker.

LEGO Island Free Download Full PC Game

The music and sound effects are great as well, with a smart mixture of both memorable sounds and relaxing music. The only big disappointment in terms of gameplay is the lack of actual Lego creation. Using either the arrow keys or mouse to move, you can check out the different shops and locations while taking in the sights. He has a very good memory, but no sense of smell. Characters Playable characters Pepper Roni is the adopted son of Mama and Papa Brickolini and may be considered the main character.

Unfortunately, there's just not a whole lot of building. The Sims Managing a household can be a very challenging thing. These gritty cops run the Lego Island Police Station, and are constantly on the watch for the villainous Brickster. He escapes in the helicopter and steals the power brick from the top of the Information Center, before fleeing to the other side of the island where he disassembles the helicopter. There's an emphasis on simply relaxing and seeing things at your own pace.

LEGO Island Free Download Full PC Game FULL VERSION

Once you've chosen your character, you'll explore Lego Island from a first-person perspective. When playing as Pepper, players can change plants, hats, and Mrs. Much like the toy-brand it's based on, Lego Island encourages creativity, curiosity, and a generally wacky attitude.

His name is also a pun on Pepperoni a pizza topping. Like Papa, she is of Italian descent. Instead, this unique Lego experience allows players to choose between five characters and explore the nifty Lego Island at their own pace. Lego Island Download free Full Version.

LEGO Island Free Download Full PC Game FULL VERSION

The first task is to travel to the opposite side of the island to meet with Nick and Laura. Nick Brick is a police detective whose behavior and actions mimic those of a detective in film noir.

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You'll hear upbeat atmospheric tunes, jazzy riffs, and surfer rock, and most tracks are honestly catchy. If the helicopter is not built, the Brickster will not be able to escape and rejects the pizza.

She speaks with a Minnesota accent and was voiced by Erin-Kate Whitcomb. Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario.

Lego Island

You'll get to select the color of certain pieces, but for the most part, you're simply dragging and dropping pieces into a mold. However, he has trouble with reading and spelling and it is implied that he has dyslexia. The bad ending shows the Brickster standing on the power brick, gloating about his victory with pieces of buildings scattered all around him except for the Information Center. These three family members run the Lego Island pizzeria, where you can deliver pizzas! Two different endings can occur, depending on whether the player succeeds.

Lego Island Free Download Torrent. It is possible to customize the game depending on which Lego person the player is controlling. Customization It is possible to customize the game depending on which Lego person the player is controlling. Once there, the Brickster, who has stolen the ambulance from the hospital, oh my friend telugu full movie greets Pepper and begins to disassemble all the buildings and plants on the island with a laser gun.

In this final task, the player must throw pizzas to slow down the Brickster, now driving a motorcycle, and doughnuts, to speed Nick and Laura up from the rebuilt helicopter. The main experience is a joy to play. Sure, the controls aren't the greatest, but it's easy to forgive the game's shortcomings when you consider its amount of heart. Nick and Laura tell Pepper to chase after the Brickster and to collect the pieces of the helicopter that he drops, which is the second task. The graphics are a bit aged, but there's still a lot to love about the look and feel of Lego Island.

He was voiced by Ralph Peduto. Pepper chases after the Brickster, collecting individual helicopter brick pieces that the Brickster has dropped while he stops in random areas to disassemble any buildings and plants that are nearby. He has a very monotonous voice and calm demeanor. She is very down-to-earth and active in the community, but is unable to count. The second task will also end if the Brickster disassembles the Pizzeria and the player will skip the third task, but can still rebuild the helicopter.


Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. Gameplay Lego Island is a nonlinear game with a first-person perspective. Maze of Shadows Bionicle Heroes. Unlike modern Lego titles, Lego Island isn't based on an existing media property or packed with coop levels. He is known by everyone on the island for his delicious pizza, his ability to dance, and his inability to sing.


When playing as Nick, players can change the color of various things. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! Your email address will not be published. Mistaking the caller for a police officer, Pepper is sent to deliver a pizza to the jail, which allows the Brickster to escape from his cell by using the pizza's fumes to melt the lock. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.