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The port is the default MySql port. The default behaviour is to read tables mysql. The Oracle Data Provider for. Client The Oracle Data Provider for. The data provider can be used from any.

Makes an additional round trip to the server when obtaining a connection from the pool and connection state will be reset. Went through all the things listed to no avail. Please note that the property in the connection string does not supercede the individual command timeout property on an individual command object.

Use this one to specify a default command timeout for the connection. OleDbConnection Class and. This can be troublesome if permissions to the aforementioned sproc info tables are insufficient. The value is ignored if Unix socket is used. Now, there are multiple posts on the web for this, but I can't get it to work.

Last line might be incomplete. It is an integral part of the. Nothing to do with column size, kmplayer 2014 but an incorrect format file all the same. This makes the client use of the connection object up to date with the correct server settings. What else are there to try?

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However this causes a round trip and to optimize pooling performance this behaviour can be turned off. Doesn't look like a good solution. This will help tell you if your estimates of column are way off.

Used only for local client connections. Therefore the issue is not on the destination server, but on my machine which is the source. Use this one to instruct the provider to ignore any command prepare statements and prevent corruption issues with server side prepared statements.

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Default behaviour is that parameters for stored routines stored procedures are checked against the server. Note that resultsets still are returned in the character set of the data returned. Turned off the firewall on both servers.

Bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) for Windows

MS Access OLE DB & OleDbConnection (.NET framework) connection strings

Destruction will only happen when connections are returned to pool. How do we grade questions?

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It completely based on ActiveX Data Objects for the. Hope someone see what might be very obvious.

The problem was the size of table columns, use varchar and all should work. It was an old question but It seems that my finding would enlight some other people having a similar issue. On Unix platforms, the socket variable is the name of the socket file that is used for local client connections.

Keep connection object creation and disposal as tight as possible, this might be counterintuitive but pooling mechanisms will take care of caching well and your code will be cleaner. Use this to connect to a server in a replicated server configuration without concern on which server to use. It's possible to explicit set the shared memory object name used for communication. Try making the column bigger. The knowledge articles contains solutions and guides.

On Windows, the socket variable is the name of the named pipe that is used for local client connections. Check if you have the right number of fields in intramerge. Similar case for me, changing the int datatype of column to bigint solves the problem. OracleConnection Class and. Didn't find your connection string?

DateTime object for valid values. Do not manually keep global connections and open close.

MS Access ODBC connection strings

Right click on it, select properties, a window will pop up. This is available on Windows only.

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Restarted the remote server. Number of seconds between each keep-alive package send. This option incurs a performance hit, so should only be used if necessary. It is completely based on ActiveX Data Objects for the.

The use of auto enlist transactionscope default behaviour could cause trouble in medium trust environments. Specified in seconds, the amount of time after connection object creation the connection will be destroyed. OracleClient The Microsoft. Start over from the connection string reference index - or try a search! This one specifies the Unix socket file or Windows named pipe to connect to.

Email Required, but never shown. This is useful in load balancing scenarios when available servers change you don't want constant connections in the pool pointing to only one server. This is the default behaviour. Do you found any solution? The server must have a certificate installed.