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Cast of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. The episode was graced by various Television actors performing on different songs. Gunjan and Mayank help Rachna in Hockey Session as she took admission in college through sports quota.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She resides with her mother, Sneha. Anjum Abbas Lavleen Mishra. On reaching home Rachna mother-in-law Vihaan and Rajeev mother was waiting for her.

On her way home, Rachna meets her friend Chaya. Later, while Rachna is getting ready to leave the house, 30 day love detox Kabir makes plans to meet Rachna and buys a beautiful bouquet of roses for his lady love. Dayal and other family members were awestruck by her modern town dressing sense. The show was also broadcast internationally on the latter's international distribution.

On this everyone got angry, Dayal family asks questions to Kabir grandmother. Gunjan and Mayank agree to Shail's decision and Gunjan's father decide to take her along with him.

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Fear Files India's Best Dramebaaz. They tell Rachna about this, and Rachna sadly agrees to the family's decision. Mayank and Gunjan later leave behind their past differences and are ready for a new beginning. However, Shail supports her daughter.

She goes on to say that Mayank and Gunjan should stay separate for at least six months and should meet after that. Rachna didn't know the truth.

Meanwhile, Dayal Rachna's father had fixed her marriage. While Rachana is tensed, she even tried to talk with her but she shouted and tells her to leave her alone. Everybody gets extremely shocked when Shail tells that Mayank and Gunjan need to separate from each other. Rachna is married to Kabir.

After exposing Mithu, both the girls celebrate their victory by dancing in rain. She also feared that if she failed in the exam, her father Dayal would get her married. Later, both Mayank and Gunjan go to their respective homes and tell their families that they have failed to unite with their partners. Rachna gets shocked when Mayank tells her about Gunjan memory loss.

Mayank is trying his best to get back Gunjan. However, they get exposed in front of Shail and other family members. Rachna returns home, everyone gets emotional seeing her. Jodha Akbar Pavitra Rishta. When they reach home, everyone questioned them, Mayank to ask Gunjan about the boy.

Rachna feels miserable seeing the love of her life that had gone far away from her, once again making an entry into her life but refusing to make any move. Sneha has video recorded every moment that she had spent with Gunjan. Chaya, therefore, requests Rachna to take the magazine home. After a few days, Gunjan and Mayank get married.

Sneha's husband, Aakash resides in Australia as he had set up his business in the country. Sneha video records a message for Gunjan wherein she expresses her concern for her.

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The show is full of hope, aspirations, wish, longing, desire and yearning. Seeing this, Dayal family got angry and breaks all relation with Vihaan's family.

Shail says that the two of them should make a decision after these six months if the two of them want to stay together or not. Meanwhile, Akash Gunjan's father informs him that she has lost her memory in an accident. While leaving teary eyes Gunjan touches Seema feet and Seema to gives her blessing with teary eyes. Charu gets exposed and is arrested by police. Meanwhile, Rachna's entire family decides to send Rachna far away as this would keep her busy and preoccupied.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Title song Lyrics

Chaya shows Rachna a film magazine and discusses various outfits and hairstyles donned by the celebrities. Mayank tells the incident to the house members, Dhollu too supports him, everyone is shocked. Sneha who suffers from cancer is concerned about Gunjan and has not informed her about her ailment. Mayank reaches Gunjan's house to find out why her wife is behaving strangely with him. He finally finds Gunjan in the Dargah but gets upset when Gunjan does not see him and continues to walk away.

Om is now aware that his brother Lalit was the one who had killed his wife, Divya and he points a gun towards Urvashi Lalit's wife to stop Lalit from harming Rachna. Shyamashish Bhattacharya Neelima Bajpai.

Mayank joins Gunjan college to get her back. Meanwhile, shockingly Charu gets married to Mayank. Meanwhile, Gunjan and Mayank continue to search for the secret passage that will lead to Rachna. Meanwhile, in the night Mayank mistakenly entry Gunjan room.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Title) Song LyricsSapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Charu creates a problem between Gunjan, Rachna and other family members. The series starts with Gunjan a fun loving girl from Mumbai who lives her life to the fullest, enjoy hanging out with her friend's. While Rachna meets Gunjan in the market.