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Bappi Lahiri, Monali Thakur. Bikram tells Bala to go into hiding, promising not to see Nandita until he returns. Before they kill Dibakar, Bikram and Bala tell him that they are Indians, not refugees.

It's packed with action, emotions, friendship, drama and some terrific performances. He reveals Nandita's identity and tries to kill Bala, but Bikram rescues him and Bala impales Himanshu. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and had to get a few stitches. Arey taada taadi karna Naa ab nahi sudharna Phootne laga hai Arey chaahaton ka jharna Dil ki na marammatein ho'n Naa koi warrantiyan re, tang!

Nandita tells Bikram that she loves him, but if they do not observe Durga Puja together she will never see him again. Gunday Theatrical release poster. Later, Bala learns about this through Himanshu, and returns to Calcutta. She is a no-nonsense person and has this superior air about her, even though she is a very normal girl.

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The trajectories he builds are shaky but his screenplay is engrossing enough to not let you slip even in the slack moments. Himanshu tells him that he is Dibakar's brother, and saw him murdered by Bikram and Bala.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role. If this fictitious story and its telling have in any way upset the sentiments of anybody, we would like to clarify that it was totally inadvertent and it is sincerely further regretted. After hearing the description, both the actors felt that they could play their respective characters as they identified similarities between the characters and their own personalities. Sarkar, knowing that they can cover their tracks with Kaali Kaka, warns them that he will arrest them when he finds evidence against them. After being mistreated and insulted, they learn that pilfering coal is a way to make easy money.

In reality, Nandita is an undercover police officer helping Sarkar arrest Bikram and Bala. The history of the sub-continent reflects this and acknowledges the struggle of the people of Bangladesh. They were labelled as refugees and stigmatised.

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This was largely a consequence of a prevailing system, which did not allow them to lead a normal life and be accepted in society. When Bikram and Bala loot one of Dibakar's trains, his men threaten them. Sarkar warns Bikram that if Bala returns to Calcutta, he will be killed. However, he warns Bala that if he bothers Nandita he will kill him.

The album contains ten compositions including seven original songs, a theme and a different versions of two original songs. His songs have immense popular appeal, substance and the right blend of melody and contemporary styles. Tune mari entriyan re Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tang! Tune Maari Entriyaan Bengali. The idea about friendship which used to be in the earlier times, sare jahan se acha song by lata mangeshkar especially in the heartland of India was something else.

Bikram agrees to meet her. And so was the case with Bangladesh and its people who paid a huge price to attain this freedom. Bappi Lahiri, Neha Bhasin. British Board of Film Classification. List of films released by Yash Raj Films.

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Although they provide jobs for the poor, their business dealings make them a target of the law. As Bikram prepares to kill Bala, Sarkar asks Bikram to turn the state's evidence against Bala so he and Nandita can marry. His character was highly stylised to suit the mainstream popcorn genre of the film. As Bikram and Bala are inches away from catching the train, Sarkar and Nandita shoot at them.

It is the people of Bangladesh who liberated themselves from Pakistan. Lateef chooses Bala at first, but Bikram insists that he will go instead. India's participation only quickened the war's end. Heartbroken, Bala apologises to Nandita and returns her to Bikram.

Bikram wins but spares Bala as he saved his life. Senti hoke baatein bhi Arey senti hoke baatein bhi Tu kar raha hai sentiyaan re, tang! Undeterred, they promise to loot his next train as well.

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! Enraged when he sees Bikram and Nandita, Bala accuses Bikram of breaking his promise and shoots at him. The story begins with a narration of the independence of Bangladesh after the war. Your rating will really help us to improve our website.

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Pyar Kabhi Kam Nahi Karna. Bala, on the other hand, is temperamental and acts in the heat of the moment. When Bikram prepares to help Sarkar implicate Bala, he encounters the man Bala supposedly killed and learns that he is a police officer. External audio Audio Jukebox on YouTube.