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Otherwise, Sony Ericsson W features a sturdy construction with a smooth sliding mechanism. The same Media center introduced together with the Ki model has also been added to W, including the auto-rotate feature.

The strong point of the device is the fact that the change from portrait to landscape mode is done pretty fast and smooth, even when watching big-sized pictures. Lets find blue to whatever actually is at the heart of this beautiful mobile phone and that is the included music technology. The reception and sound are also exceptional. Both, music player and radio can be run in the background.

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Resistant to scratches, the screen's contrast and brightness are very good and can be easily used even when you're outdoors in the sunlight. The Radio only works when the wired earphones are inserted. The Gallery can be found through the File manager in the folder called Camera Album, or in the Media center, and can also be accessed through the camera interface menu. Sony Ericsson W Screensavers. Nokia, the rival, comes with its XpressMusic series, but I still think the Walkman series has the upper hand, although not for long.

Download animated cell phone themes W Sony Ericsson free. Sony Ericsson W has a catchy look and a low price that will probably boost the Swedish-Japanese joint venture revenues on the short run. The only minor problem will probably be the fact that the camera is not very well protected against scratches.

That is really impressive, but somewhat expected from such a high capacity battery. Moreover, the phone is better looking than most of the Walkman series devices, either bar or slider form, so this is another reason that you should really check it out, if you get the chance. The numeric keypad is a real pleasure to use, with large and spacious keys, very well highlighted when the handset is used in darker areas. Still, the results are precise, so you can choose to view the pictures displayed on a map in accordance with the place you took them in.

They get to choose from five different themes, each with its own specific abilities. Download Sony Ericsson W theme creator. Latest Sony Ericsson W themes download. If you want to use this feature a lot, you will need to transfer all your files through the Sony Ericsson Media Manager application, of jawani diwani songs which could take a while.

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Messaging capabilities have been improved and now offer a wider range of options. Sony Ericsson keeps adding more phones to its Walkman series portfolio so that anyone can choose their favorite form factor. Sony Ericsson W Walkman series Shake control. Download free Sony Ericsson W themes.

Sony Ericsson W705 Themes Free Download

While the noise effect is kept within limits, and the contrast is pretty good, the pictures are highly sharpened. Luxury Silver and Passionate Red.

To be able to open the back hood, you'll need to use the small slider found on the bottom part of the phone. The Internet icon, as the name suggests, gives access to basic Web browsing. All messages share the same Inbox, except for emails, which have a separate one. Below the display, there's a rounded control button that can be used like a joystick to navigate through the menus.

Besides these, the slider features a dedicated Java YouTube client, which enables users to watch and upload clips. If you are a heavy user, you'll most likely need to charge it every three days, but a soft user will have no trouble keeping it for a week at least. Unfortunately, while the level of clarity is outstanding when talking on the phone, I experienced crash sound that made the calls impossible to hear. The Java emulator works with just about any compatible application, like games or productivity software.

It presents unrivaled merge of breathtaking features. It doesn't have anything to do with any of the Cyber-shot series phones, and joins the long list of Walkman series phones with disappointing or mediocre cameras. It is also possible to shuffle the playlist by simply shaking the phone both ways twice, while pressing the same Walkman button. Free Sony Ericsson themes W download.

Sony Ericsson W705 Themes Free Download

Sony Ericsson W705 Review

Sony Ericsson W705 Review

Sony Ericsson W Wallpapers. One of the best looking sliders belonging to the Walkman series portfolio, Sony Ericsson W promises to attract fans of the brand and form factor.

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Overall, it shows that Sony Ericsson W hasn't been targeted at those looking for a camera phone and that keeps the same Walkman music phone line. We have already argueed that Sony EricssonW can be a true associate for you, if you are a music lover. Users can take advantage of a wide range of equalizers, which have been gifted with full visualization art this time. Even though W doesn't come up with anything new in terms of features, it still makes as a good choice for those that prefer the slider form over the candybar.

The front part of the phone features two Walkman series logos, while on the back, there's only one, right below the camera. There are some updates in terms of device personalization and looks, but basically there's nothing really new. None of the two materials used in manufacturing are fingerprint magnets, so your phone will be kept clean no matter how much you'll be using it. Free Sony EricssonW themes maker. Furthermore, the vibration is pretty low in intensity.

In terms of features, it lacks auto-focus, image stabilization, macro mode or more advanced technical features. You can also save certain frames from a movie if you like, in the form of screenshots. The latter enables users to go one track forward or backward by pressing the Walkman button on top of the phone and shake the phone forward or backward. The same button can be used to control the music player, as it's highlighted with orange backlighting. For more in-depth info regarding performance, check out the benchmarks below.

On top, there's a very small button, which starts the music player when it's pressed. Sony Ericsson W does well what it should, meaning it plays music, and excels at that.

No other phone can beat this replica whenever it arrives to features. SensMe is an application which permits you to change the songs you aspire to listen to according to your ambiance. Phone Search Advanced Search.

One of the best value for money Walkman series sliders